Quick Fix for White-Heads.

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Quick Fix for White-Heads.

Postby fat_bastard » 20 Feb 08, 9:08 am

Although quite rare, a white head -or puss filled spot- can be very obvious and quite embarrassing, and you'll want it gone as soon as possible. It's always sod's law that you'll get one on the day before a large social gathering too. At least for me. :razz:
After trying aggressive solutions with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol, I've found that the quickest and cleanest cure for white heads is good old anti-septic cream.
I use a brand called 'Savlon', god bless it, and it'll nail a white head in a few hours if you're prepared to look stupid for a bit.
Popping a spot can make it more aesthetically pleasing in the short term, but it's unhygienic and often doesn't get rid of all of the goo.

This method is quite gory, but effective... :puke:

-Simply clean the area with soap and water, and dab a generous amount of anti-septic on the spot, completely covering it. Don't rub it in, just leave it.

-After a couple of hours it may start to sting -this is good.

-If you've put enough on, it shouldn't have all soaked in, even after an hour or two.

-Get a clean tissue and dab it on the area to get rid of the excess, and you should find the the skin covering the puss has dissolved, allowing you to gently wipe up the rest of the mess. It may have also caused to puss to solidify slightly, meaning that there's less chance of it spreading.

-After you've cleaned up most of the puss, place your fingers on either side of the spot and press down firmly, until a small amount of blood emerges. This means that 99% of the infected fluid is gone.

-The blood also contains white blood cells, which should kill off any further infection, and the platelets will clot to form a microbe proof scab. It won't be terribly obvious, and it's far less unsightly than a filth filled pore.

-Rub a small amount of anti-septic on the area to make sure there's no chance of another infection, and hey-presto!

I know it's rather disgusting, but luckily white heads don't appear too often. :dance:
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Re: Quick Fix for White-Heads.

Postby cerina » 21 Feb 08, 6:41 pm

Any form of opening and squeezing a spot is likely to cause scarring, so the best solution is to use an antiseptic concealer to hide it.

Or put a hat on it. :mrgreen:
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Re: Quick Fix for White-Heads.

Postby Country Boy » 22 Feb 08, 11:33 am

If you wash your face with Euterbalsam you won't get them in the first place.
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Re: Quick Fix for White-Heads.

Postby Melekkalbi » 12 Mar 08, 8:19 am

I scrub my face with alcohol based antisceptic solution twice a day and still get them :cussing: .
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