Grandma's Natural Healing Remedies

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Grandma's Natural Healing Remedies

Postby mid_nite_poet » 09 Mar 08, 3:09 am

Drugless remedies restore health balance. They are simple, cost effective and easy to practice. There are no side effects that are caused by chemical based drugs. What's more, the treatment can be done right in your own homes. We have collected a few of grandma's beauty tips and homemade beauty treatments that have been handed down over the years. These simple beauty tips are still being practiced in some houses. We will begin with effective beauty tips and go on to easy remedies for common ailments.

Weekly once, preferably on a Sunday when you are relaxed, try out this facial at home. Beat a raw egg and the juice of one lemon. Apply this mixture as a mask over the face and neck. Simply relax for half an hour. Do not talk! Wash off when you feel the tightening of the muscles. This pack will soften lines and smooth out wrinkles as the natural cholesterol replenishes the oil-forming cells of the skin.

When avocados are available take the pulp and apply it to the dry areas of the skin, especially on the rough parts. The unsaturated fatty acids of this fruit will stimulate the sluggish skin to produce the natural oils or sebum and make the skin look healthy and young.

Extract the juice from lettuce leaves and apply this on the skin to combat oiliness. The vitamins found in the lettuce absorb the excess oil.

Heat olive oil in a pan. When it is warm, dip a cotton ball in it, squeeze out the excess. Lie down and place the oil-soaked cotton on the lips for 10 minutes. Cracked lips will soften and heal with the emollient action of the oil.

Bathe eyes in warm water to which ½ teaspoon of table salt has been added. For puffy and swollen eyes, soak pads in a solution of 100 ml water and one tablespoon salt. Wring the pads out and place on eyes. Lie down and close your eyes. Allow the solution to work wonders in a few minutes.

Mix equal parts of baby oil and table salt. Massage this mixture on your face. While the salt removes the dead cells, the baby oils softens the emerging skin.

For hands that are tired and wrinkled with washing and cleaning up, here is a natural healing secret which is truly effective. Soak hands for 5 minutes in a basin of warm water to which three tablespoons of salt have been added. Rinse and dry. You'll see the difference.

Ice cubes have a tightening effect on enlarged pores and blotches. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth bag and apply to the affected parts for as long as you are comfortable. Ordinary buttermilk has a sterilising and toning effect on the skin and has always featured in grandma's remedies. Soak cotton pads in buttermilk and pat on your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. Repeat as often as possible throughout the day.

Place a few slices of raw tomato on the face or spread mashed tomato evenly on the face. Let the juice soak into the skin. Rinse after fifteen minutes.Squeeze the juice of a cucumber and apply as a lotion. The rich mineral and vitamin content of cucumber helps to get rid of infections.For facial blemishes, apply a paste of boiled and mashed green beans. Let it dry and then rinse with cool water.For a healing effect on acne, pimples, rashes, cold sores, sunburn etc., apply cod liver oil liberally on the face. Allow it to remain for as long as possible and then wash with cool water.

Smile and hold that smile! With the heel of your palms and with firm pressure and circular movements, massage with upward strokes from the collar bone up to the templates. This will make the skin supple and elastic without stretching it.The simple beauty remedies given above are straight from Grandma's mouth and ones that have worked wonders for the previous generation. We hope you enjoy the same benefits too. Do remember to give us a feedback, so we can source a few more of them for you!
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Re: Grandma's Natural Healing Remedies

Postby Ice Queen » 10 Mar 08, 8:20 am

Nice! I'll try some of those for sure!
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Re: Grandma's Natural Healing Remedies

Postby fat_bastard » 11 Mar 08, 10:34 am

My Grandmother strongly believes that a bee once spoke to her.
If she's the source of this information, I wouldn't follow it. :lmao:
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