Menstual Cramps

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Menstual Cramps

Postby mid_nite_poet » 09 Mar 08, 3:10 am

Dealing with menstrual cramps –

Menstrual cramps are the bane of many a woman – and they seem to occur just when it is most inconvenient! Lays many a strong woman totally low – and no medicine seems to help at the crucial time! To tackle this problem which is almost as old as Eve, maybe, just maybe, we could turn to Grandma for help! Dare we consult her?

Herbal remedies - get relief the naturally!

It is a common enough occurrence and happens in more than 70% women at some point of their lives. In some the cramps may last but a few hours, in others, even 48 hours. Should it last longer, please take a doctor’s advice – there is no point in suffering endlessly. However, you could try out some of these remedies that have been suggested by Grandma after checking out your allergies of course!

* The most natural solution, according to Grandma, and one that is easily the best is exercise! Did you know that walking helps in reducing menstrual cramps – and it is because when you walk, you automatically exercise your pelvic organs and increase the blood supply to them. Avoid vigorous or strenuous walking. Just remember to relax and move your arms and hips freely.
* Have you tried having a warm bath or kept a heating pad where it hurts most – like the small of your back? You will find that it not only alleviates your pain but helps to relax those painful muscle spasms too.
* Learn to keep your body warm when the attack is on – like covering your hips (the pelvic region). It will reduce the cramping pain quite a bit.
* Ginger tea is supposed to really help in painful moments. You can also simmer some roots of ginger for about 15 minutes and drink that concoction after it cools (strongly recommended by Grandma).
* Are you having your calcium supplements? Calcium intake is supposed to actually prevent menstrual cramps as the muscle tone is maintained. If there is any calcium deficiency, he muscles tend to become hyperactive and therefore cause the painful cramps. You will need at least 800 milligrams of calcium every day (equivalent to 3 cups of milk – Grandma of course feels this is best!)
* Another vital necessity is magnesium as it increases the body’s capacity to absorb calcium, thus indirectly reducing painful cramps. Beans, whole grains, whole wheat flour, salmon, shrimp, tofu, all vegetables and nuts are foods rich in magnesium.
* Acupuncture and other such holistic treatments are known to have a beneficial effect.
* A tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a pinch of pepper can be had up to 3 times a day. Just check for possible allergic reactions
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Re: Menstual Cramps

Postby Ice Queen » 10 Mar 08, 8:19 am

Thank you MNP!! That's exactly what I needed! :hug:
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