Hay Fever

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Hay Fever

Postby Melekkalbi » 12 Mar 08, 8:11 am

That time of the year is coming up again, so it might be usefull to exchange some prevention tips before it starts.

I heard it's a good idea to start consuming locally produced honey right about now. The bees will process pollen into the honey which are common in your area. By consuming them this way, your body will built up a better resistancy to them before they get into the air and give you the sneezles. :sunny:

(I don't have hay fever, but gave the idea to my bro, so you'll hear the results soon :mrgreen: )
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Re: Hay Fever

Postby Ice Queen » 12 Mar 08, 8:14 am

Hope he's ok Malek. This is a good idea. :thumb:
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Re: Hay Fever

Postby cerina » 12 Mar 08, 3:48 pm

That is supposed to help, but it depends on what it is causes the allergy. I wish Stevan luck, I used to get dreadful hayfever.
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