cleanse, tone and moisturise

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cleanse, tone and moisturise

Postby ScornedVixen » 13 May 09, 2:49 pm

My skin have always been good, have never had the misfortune of having acnes or spots breaking out, might have had one once in a blue moon. To be honest the only time I ever wash my face is when I'm in the shower in the morning and sometimes before bed, I never wear make up so no point in me washing my face for nothing.

however, I got hooked up to the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine two weeks ago. I was expecting filthy cotton wool ball after rubbing the cleansing lotion over my face, they came out clean! A few days ago, I washed my face in facical scrub, then used the cleanser lotion and was shocked the cotton wool ball turning black! Maybe I'm not massaging the lotion properly to get rid of the gunk, and the facial scrub brought the dirt out? :scratch:

Either way, my skin has brightened up, so must be doing something right - I hope!

ETA - nope didn't do it right! didn't wet my hands to bring the cream back up! LMAO!!

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Re: cleanse, tone and moisturise

Postby cerina » 13 May 09, 4:04 pm

I would love to have someone do a facial on me every evening. :mrgreen:
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Re: cleanse, tone and moisturise

Postby mid_nite_poet » 13 May 09, 4:53 pm

I use to do a facial every night after removing my make up.. Now I hardly wear make up and haven't done a facial in a long time..
must make an appointment to get one :D
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