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Rod Serling on Censorship

PostPosted: 25 Apr 17, 5:35 pm
by Don't Blink

Who is at fault? Do we blame corporations who fear anything controversial that might affect their profits, or the people who find it more desirable to right a letter of complaint than the change the channel.

Anyone who has ever said "that shouldn't be allowed on Television, in the movies, or on radio doesn't have the right to call anyone a Snowflake. imho

Re: Rod Serling on Censorship

PostPosted: 25 Apr 17, 10:32 pm
by mugley
I just saw this quote after seeing this post

A civilized society that can no longer feel outrage, can no longer be civilized. "
— Unattributed

And this is can full of worms I think, certainly corporations and the govt to some extent have the right to say what they will they will spend money on to support.

I have the right to not watch something but I alos think i have the right to complain if something goes too far, like a rape or explicit sex scene on broadcast tv at 8 pm, which is an extreme example but as you know give 'em an inch they will take a mile, some just want to keep pushing the limit, not for arts sake but for shock value and I think you have to draw the line somewhere. If you don't people become numb to it so ti keeps getting worse

Re: Rod Serling on Censorship

PostPosted: 26 Apr 17, 9:30 am
by Jack Flash
I think most people will agree that the letter writing campaign over Lassie's having pups was ridiculous. This is where a set of standards comes in and that was and is the purpose of the FCC. Shows can be held to community standards but should not be held to individual standards.

The interesting part of the video, for me at least, is sponsor censorship. Not wanting to mention the word gas when talking about Hitler's gas chambers because you are selling gas stoves is over-the-top. Yes they get some say so because they're sponsoring the show, but they should not get artistic say-so. That was what Rod Serling was fighting against.

Each sponsor will have a different trigger point or sensitivity. If you allow sponsors as a group to control the content you will have nothing but bland sterilized Content. That is the reason people left television and went to HBO and the Internet.