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Your Thread Your Way

Postby admin » 04 Nov 09, 6:24 pm

Would you like a place where you and only you have creative control? (post, create, edit and moderate)

Would you like a place where you are free to express your thoughts,and where you can experiment?

This is it :mrgreen:

Just a few Stipulations (very few)

You must be a member in good standing

You can not post illegal content, spam, warez or porn.

Some uses ( more as we find them)

A best of page for your best ideas

Consolidate my post images without reloading them ( In line works but looks like we need to create a little bb code first so you don't have to reload the image and can use thumbs - being done now :mrgreen: )


As a Blog (thanks cerina)
You do not need to conform to this forum - This forum will conform to you.
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Re: Your Thread Your Way

Postby cerina » 05 Nov 09, 5:12 pm

I remember someone asking about a blog spot so I suppose you could use your thread like that if you wanted to.
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Re: Your Thread Your Way

Postby mid_nite_poet » 05 Nov 09, 8:35 pm

:thumb: :thumb:
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