Bit of Fun mascot the Jester Queen

Brain Teasers

Find the Face Find the Faces

There are 11 human faces in the picture. Can you find them all?

Circle or Spiral Circle or Spiral

In this optical illusion can you tell if the lines are Circular or Spiral

Click on the black dot Click on the black dot

Just try to click on the black dot

The circle within The circle within

Sitting in front of the screen and look at the dot and move your head

Come here Spot Come here Spot

Do you see the hidden image

Missing piece Missing piece

This puzzle is missing a piece ...or is it

Can you find them Can you find them

There are people hidden within this image.

Watch where you step Watch where you step

Your brain will try to reinterpret this image

Say the color Say the color

Classic left brain right brain conflict

Straight Straight?

If we remove the squares are the lines straight

Illusion of depth Illusion of depth

3-D without the glasses

Illusion of Squares Illusion of Squares

Are all of these squares equal in size

Illusion of Circle Illusion of Circle

Another circle or spirals question

Rotating Dots and Changing Color Rotating Dots and Changing Color

Concentrate on the black ' + ' in the centre of the picture

The fun side of the