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Personal expression is an artists stock and trade, and with it they help us see the world in different ways. The art images here may be beautiful, strange, or even sexy. We select these images because we think they are interesting.

Japanese Body Painting
bodypaint-beaver bodypaint-bush bodypaint-valley bodypaint-grass bodypaint-tree

Faces of Art
the Peacock lady Lady dowager masquerade ball Ladie rose Mardi Gras mask

Alien Invasion Sculpture
alien tripod creature war of the worlds alien part of the sculpture alien sculpture from the roof close-up of the alien sculpture

The Casa Batlló or as the locals call it, Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), by Antoni Gaudí.
More about Casa Batlló at Wikimedia Commons
Casa-Batllo-exterior- looking-up Casa-Batllo-interior-doorway Casa-Batllo-exterior-window Casa-Batllo-colored-glass-tile Casa-Batllo- exterior

Most artists try to accentuate a detail or theme.  In this body paint series the model is blended into the background.
hidden window hidden  industrial door hidden in a doorway painted model against a textured background camouflaged body paint

While were on the theme of body paint. Here is a series in silver from Dirk Rees where the fluid motion of the paint and the motion of the models combine for excellent effects
motion and beauty in silver models in motion with silver paint paint and women in motion yet the silver paint flow silver fluid motion

Perfectly painted Asian ladies
beautiful Asian beautiful lady lily pad by paint Asian women lady in body paint ladies in red

Follow the yellow brick road in this interesting art project.
painted yellow road yellow street yellow street with traffic aerial view of yellow road close-up yellow street

Who ever thought that a bunch of muddy soccer players could be so sexy
soccer art sports art sexy soccer three women players butt the ball mud and art going for the kick breast bump petite players sexy and muddy

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We would like to give them credit. - Thanks