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Weird Stuff Collections

Some weird photos and videos leave a lasting impression, some just make you laugh and are forgotten as they drift into the synaptic abyss. Either way, we hope you enjoy.

Photos and Videos that are just Weird

This is the section for photos and videos of people caught in strange situations. Sometimes the people involved just aren't thinking, other times they might be under the influence of something. Whatever the case, these photos are amusing but weird.

Animals doing Weird Stuff

This topic is weird animals doing weird stuff, which is not to be confused with the cute and funny animals over in the fun stuff section. Maybe it's because they don't know any better, and maybe it's because they’re not camera shy, but we sure get a lot of animals doing weird stuff.

Strange People doing Weird Stuff

Some people don' t have to do anything strange - they are strange. This is where you'll find photos and videos of weirdos, oddballs, screwballs and misfits, all marching to a different drummer. Then again, maybe you will discover that you are not so weird after all.

Poking fun at Politicians and Celebrities

If your going to seek the Lime light and you don't live the life of a saint, you should expect to be caught in compromising situations from time to time. We have real and not so real photos and videos of some of your favorite celebrities and politicians getting caught.

album art

Strange Art

Everyone enjoys art; whether it's an Italian car, a surrealist painting, a well-designed building. Our tastes are a bit on the eccentric or offbeat side. So with that warning, we share with you the art that caught our eye.

Nudity and Weirdness

Here is where we put all the weird photos that involve nudity. If you want to see people who really shouldn't remove their clothes then consider yourself warned.