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Funny Animal Photos

More Photos and Videos and they all have one thing in common - Animals. Plenty of cute and funny stuff here. Animals acting strangely and doing weird stuff provide for a lot of laughs and one of our more popular categories.

Stupid Laws

Who says, politicians aren't funny? Take a look at these laws that were passed. Surely no one would pass stupid laws like these without trying to be funny. I mean, they can't be that damn - can they?


These optical illusions trick your brain into believing something different than your eyes actually see. None of these images have frightening pop-ups that scare you as you are trying to focus

Funny Photos

These photos are funny and amusing, they show every day people doing really stupid stuff. You can bet that now that so many phones come with cameras we're expecting a lot of funny stuff.

Funny videos

A little more effort is required to get a funny video. But these funny videos shot by amateurs are good and we're glad they made the effort. Videos involving fun and nudity still go in Naked Humor.

Miscellaneous Fun stuff

Not necessarily photos or images but most of the time includes a photo or animation. Really what we have here is stuff that is too funny not to use, but didn't really fit any where else

Funny Quizzes

These are our quizzes with a funny twist. But what else would you expect from a humor site. Give them a go and see what you learn about yourself.

Cool links

Whether you are bored, curious, or just looking for something fun to do we have the solution. Cool links is a collection of fun links that have been recommended to us through the forum as being some of the best places to visit on net

Road Trip

When is the last time he got out and did something really spectacular. I don't mean going to the local dive on Friday night. I mean, saving a few bucks and going to a world class party that you can tell everyone about for the next year or until they beg you to shut up.

Funny Horoscopes

Here's a something a little different when it comes to your horoscope. You may not always believe what you read, especially after you read these horoscopes. But they are funny

Meanings of Dreams

What does it actually mean when you dream about something. These interpretations have been put together from years and years of research. Although the research is serious, the results can be funny and quite interesting.

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