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Your pets, my pets and the occasional wild one.


Is there any group that gets poked fun at more often
- and is more deserving.


Oh no geeks are running the place. Please someone
wake me from this nightmare

Drunk Again

I'd rather have bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
- It makes sense if your drunk


Wish I could remember where I put my collection of
pocket protectors

Funny Jokes

We were too lame to find a category for these jokes
funny jokes


Try as we might, we can't get rid of them - may as
well make fun of them


Till death do you part - they don't call it a shotgun
wedding for nothing.


Don't look now but I think those women are laughing at you
- really, now their pointing


Nothing to hide - but to be honest some really should hide
their bodies under some clothes


Politics, backstabbing and stupidity up close and personal.
Also known as the Dilbert effect.

Old Farts

Smells like Bengay and needs to be ironed
- must be an old fart alert


Woo Hoo - Time to go line dancing and fighting.


Salesmen lubricate the wheels of business
- that's why there called slippery SOBs


An opportunity to learn to socialize with the opposite sex
and ignore anyone over 30


Yes please - but I guess some of you will have to take
matters into your own hand


Here we have the complete instruction manual for the
care and feeding of women


Truly God's punishment for enjoying sex

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