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Who are You

Just a few people who enjoy a good laugh, and are willing to edit and share the humor. There are several part-time editors helping with the site , none of whom are paid.

Much of the content is contributed through the Fun Forum which has an active community. The forum contains a wealth of humor and art accumulated over the years. You are welcome to use that material for your site, or just your personal enjoyment.


Many have commented about the lack of ads or inquired about advertising. Bit of Fun was never intended to make money, and to date we have been pretty successful at that. Bit of Fun only places one or two ads at most on a page. Most pages have no advertisements. In other words, we have just enough advertising to cover bandwidth costs.

Regarding the ads on this site, they may as most as do these days place a cookie on your device. Since most of the ads are from Google, and we do use Google analytics for advertising, it seems only fair to provide an opt out link for their ad tracking

Received a Donation from Bit of Fun

In spite of ourselves, we occasionally end up with revenue that exceeds expenses. When that happens, and because for the most part Bit of Fun runs on open source code, we like to give something back in the form of donations to various open source, noncommercial projects. Recipients are nominated by the editors.


If you have something funny or creative that you want us to look at, send us an e-mail or post it in the forum. If it's funny and we like it, we will link to it - it is as simple as that.

Bit of Fun does not require back-links, or charge for links. When we link to something it is because we think it is funny or interesting. Hopefully people will do the same for Bit of Fun.


Bit of Fun contains a lot of original material  produced by our editors and contributors.  Unless otherwise noted, that material is available for you to use under the Creative Commons license.  Attribution would be nice, but it is not a requirement.

The design of the website itself and the Bit of Fun logo are not covered under the Creative Commons license and and not available for use without permission.

When Bit of Fun makes use of material we did not produce, we endeavor to find the source of the material and give credit. However, we host some un-credited material received through emails and posts that is assumed to be in the public domain. If you see something on our pages that you created, and you would like credit, you wish to have the material removed, or request a link to your site, contact us at bitoffun (at) earthlink (dot) net.

The Fine Print

Bit of Fun reserves the right to remove said material in lieu of credit or a link, if your site contains spam, malware or objectionable material.

Having hosted something previously does not afford the same rights as having created material.

If it is illegal, immoral, or fattening; we have no knowledge of it's origination, or how it managed to be included on this site.

Other Related Stuff

We have a DMCA policy to fall back on if you feel it's necessary, but more can be accomplished with a simple email.

We even have a Privacy policy just like the big boys. In a nut shell , we don't collect any personal information and the only thing we have on file is the email address and alias that you provide if you sign up on the forum. There is always the chance that our servers could get hacked, but there is not much information to get and we keep them up to date.

Advertisers such as Google, Yahoo, and Amazon are responsible for their own privacy and cookie policies, and may set a cookie when you visit this (or any other) site.

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