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Camino del Rey

Video Credit: Youclimb Productions      Sent in by: jf

El Caminito del Rey (The King's pathway) or Camino del Rey (shortened name) is a pathway constructed along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, located near Álora in Málaga, Spain.

Originally built in 1901, Camino del Rey is a mere 3 feet in width with a 1000 foot drop. The pathway has fallen into disrepair and is considered dangerous. Over time much of handrail has disappeared and in some sections, the pathway has completely collapsed and has been replaced by nothing more than a beam and a rope attached to the canyon wall.

In recent years several people have lost their lives on Camino del Rey. As a result, the local government closed the entrances. However, those seeking adventure still find their way on to the pathway.