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Bros Get a Bad Rap

Video Credit: Danny Jolles / Laugh Factory      Sent in by: db

This comedian thinks Bros get a bad rap. Bros get a bad rap because they come in room hot, and that makes people scared of them.

Bros just the dogs of humans, they're just excited because they might make a friend. We just had an election in this country and progressives didn't do all that well.

The lesson here is that we're not communicating well with middle America. Think about how progressives tried to get the message out. It was mostly blogs and Lena Dunham.

Blogs are written by hipsters. Hipsters of the cats of humans, and they are not going to see eye to eye with middle America.

The comedian goes on to tell a humorous story about killing some time in a bar and running into a bro who kept trying to start conversation.

On a whim Danny asked him what he thought of transgender bathrooms. The response was all bro and a message that would resonate with middle America. He said why would you care who takes the crap next to you.