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It's Been a Weird Week

Video Credit: Ron White      Sent in by: db

Comedian Ron White tells us about his week in Las Vegas that somehow begins as he waits patiently for his wife so they can fly out together - but patience is not his strong suit.

As this humorous tale takes its twists and turns he begins by letting people know he is grateful that his audience loves him enough to buy a plane he and his wife to travel in, which is amazing since 10 years ago he lived in a homemade trailer in a friend's yard.

The reason he ended up in the trailer was thanks to the IRS and his misunderstanding that paying taxes quarterly does not mean once every 25 years. And the reason he sits on the tarmac even though he knows his wife won't be there when she said she would be there is that he has not yet trained his dick to suck it self.