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Stephen Fry Hates Dance

After reading Stephen Fry's piece on his hatred of dance, a dancer and filmmaker decided that the best response would be to set his words to music and dance This film is dancer and filmmaker Jo Roy's response to Stephen Fry's dislike of dance: In interpretive dance. As the article points out, a response likely to make the man shudder!

''I hate dancing more than I can possibly explain. I hate doing it myself, which I can’t anyway, but I loathe and resent the necessity to try. If I listen to music, I like either to do it completely alone, so that if I am taken by the desire to move my feet and body I can do it unwitnessed. I do not want to use it as an exercise track for a farcical, meaningless, disgusting, brainless exhibition of windmilling, gyrating and thrashing in a hot, loud hall. I do not want to use music as the medium for a mating or courting ritual.''