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Weird Stuff - Animals

People are not the only ones doing strange stuff.
We've got a few weird animal photos too.

Oh Yea Baby

I Smell Some Illegal Stuff

Comfortable Kitty Carrier

Big Pussy

Stone Cold Loving

Dog Gone Ugly

Give me a Big Kiss

Surfs up Today

Tiger Lady

Bull Run

Short Stud

Ambitious Dog

Stuck on You

Dangerous Situation

Surf's Up

What's for Lunch (not for the squeamish)

What's for lunch 2 (not for the squeamish)

What Bears do in the woods (video)

Ice Fishing (video)

Why are the guys watching me (video)

Speaking with a Forked Tongue

Horns of a Dilemma

Any Where Any Time

Big Fat Hairy Pussy

Friendly Donkey (video)

Unhappy Horse (Video)

Squeal for Me

Wool Bathing Suit

Thirsty Chimp (video)

Ass in the air

Sure Footed Lover (video)

Bite Me (video)

Bark for me Bitch

Kitty Porn

Stag Party

Monkey Business (video)

Snake Skin Suit

Like Rabbits (video)

Moby Dick

Doggy Style

One Hump or Two

Mary's Little Lamb

Sleepy Stud

Wild time on the town in Australia

Bull Wins

Animal Husbandry

Ferocious Reptile (video)

Funny Cats (video)

Bulls with a Headache (video)

We would like to assure the general public that no animals were harmed in the shooting of these weird photos, unfortunately we can't do that. However it appears that more people than animals were hurt. So at least the animals are winning. Send us your strange animal photos, your funny animal photos and your weird animal photos.

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