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We have very much enjoyed putting together this collection of funny videos. These videos are suitable for most ages, if that is not what you are looking for then try the Weird Stuff section.

140 Characters or Less 140 Characters or Less

In today's world, conversation seems to occur in 140 characters or less.

Head in Bed Prank Head in Bed Prank

This Funny prank has this cute blonde, waking up kicking and screaming.

Young Dancer Young Dancer

Normally, we avoid cute kid videos because they are so overdone, but this one is a winner.

Fine Dining at the Testicle Festival Fine Dining at the Testicle Festival

Strange food to most, but good eating to some, the festival draws revelers from all around the country.

The Best Pizza The Best Pizza

Awe crap! They made the best pizzas in New York city.

Modeling Tryout Modeling Tryout

Young lady in a modeling tryout does really well except for one little detail.

The World Is Awesome The World Is Awesome

Some beautiful nature scenery and a familiar tune.

Cat Wants to be Left Alone Cat Wants to be Left Alone

I can't say as I blame the cat. I'd want to be left alone too.

Crazy Driver Crazy Driver

How bad do you have to be to be one of the world's worst drivers. Take a look at this funny accident video.

Dueling Instruments and a Southern Delta Tune Dueling Instruments and a Southern Delta Tune

A little southern delta music mix with traditional Indian instruments courtesy of Bill Bailey.

The Best Surfing Shot The Best Surfing Shot

This is the best surfing shot I have ever seen.

Girls Cause Crashes Girls Cause Crashes

After years of scientific study it's been proven that girls cause crashes.

Copy writers know that humor sells. That's why they go to great lengths to make us laugh. Then there's the Bloopers, with all those hours spent in front of a camera you just know someone's going to screw up.

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