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We have very much enjoyed putting together this collection of funny videos. These videos are suitable for most ages, if that is not what you are looking for then try the Weird Stuff section.

The Bitch Move The Bitch Move

.. and stuff girls tell each other about boys.

Women's Demands Women's Demands

I'm guessing that someone else can't figure them out either.

Watch Me Cut down This Tree Watch Me Cut down This Tree

Maybe it's time to call in the tree experts.

 Chasing Beaver Chasing Beaver

Evidently, there are a lot of beaver in Canada.

A Fifth of Breathalyzer A Fifth of Breathalyzer

A Funny police video with unexpected Breathalyzer results.

Watch out for That Air Horn Watch out for That Air Horn

If you have ever wanted to blow the horn on a train watch this.

Dumb Crooks Make a Break for It Dumb Crooks Make a Break for It

This video is bound to make dumb crook news for a while.

Voodoo Surprise Voodoo Surprise

What would it take for you to believe in Voodoo?

Weird Commercial  Weird Commercial

Need a cure for the bogeyman - we got it.

Dog Lover Dog Lover

Dog lover or cat lover, it doesn't matter you will laugh at this story.

The Inner Voice The Inner Voice

Would love to find the name of this British magic and comedy team.

Worst Office Freak-out Ever Worst Office Freak-out Ever

Looks like that guy has a whole bunch of strings that were wound too tight.

Copy writers know that humor sells. That's why they go to great lengths to make us laugh. Then there's the Bloopers, with all those hours spent in front of a camera you just know someone's going to screw up.

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