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We have very much enjoyed putting together this collection of funny videos. These videos are suitable for most ages, if that is not what you are looking for then try the Weird Stuff section.

Breast Education Breast Education

A funny video about growing up, dating and breast education.

Blonde with a Gun Blonde with a Gun

Beware the Blonde at the shooting range!!

Pigs Ears Pigs Ears

What's so funny about pigs ears? Watch the video and see.

Feel Young Feel Young

What looks like a strip poker game may not be what you think.

10 Optical Illusions 10 Optical Illusions

A fast-paced video with 10 Optical Illusions in under two minutes.

Worlds largest Beach Ball Worlds largest Beach Ball

A 4 story tall beach ball is dropped on to a crowd of people.

the music business Music Business

Here is a little parody of a Jewel tune with a humorous look at the Music Business?

High Speed Police Chase in the Snow High Speed Police Chase in the Snow

Trying to outrun the police in the middle of a Canadian winter is dangerous -eh.

Kissing Test The Kissing Test

Women are blindfolded for a kissing test with male models - what could go wrong.

title A humorous look Inside the body during a date.

Pulling it together for the team has never been so funny.

Israel's Soccer Program Israel's Soccer Program

There are always going to be distractions when you play soccer .

slime and love Crank it up

A young woman cranks up her stereo and gets a surprise guest.

Copy writers know that humor sells. That's why they go to great lengths to make us laugh. Then there's the Bloopers, with all those hours spent in front of a camera you just know someone's going to screw up.

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