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We have very much enjoyed putting together this collection of funny videos. These videos are suitable for most ages, if that is not what you are looking for then try the Weird Stuff section.

Funny Breast Exam Reminder Funny Breast Exam Reminder

Women have no trouble getting men to help.

Firehose Rodeo Firehose Rodeo

That looks like that would be a fun ride .

All I Need Is ... All I Need Is ...

All I can say is that I hope my love life does not end up that way.

 Confusion at Fox News Confusion at Fox News

Somebody has to have a story. I mean come-on we are live.

Yellow Bikini Yellow Bikini

Let's just say that the yellow bikini is not very flattering.

Humor with Unnecessary Censorship Things You Don't Say to Your Wife

Unless you plan on becoming single soon.

Young Engineers Young Engineers

Life is a roller coaster - you may as well enjoy it.

Did You Notice Did You Notice

Do you think you would have been a little bit more observant.

Sexy Dentist Sexy Dentist

You need something to distract you from the pain.

Outsourced Support Humor Outsourced Support Humor

Soon they'll be outsourcing Indian jobs to poor Americans.

How fast can you run? How fast can you run?

I can run Faster than You.

Kangaroo Report Kangaroo Report

Embarrassed by a kangaroo now that's priceless.

Copy writers know that humor sells. That's why they go to great lengths to make us laugh. Then there's the Bloopers, with all those hours spent in front of a camera you just know someone's going to screw up.

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