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We have very much enjoyed putting together this collection of funny videos. These videos are suitable for most ages, if that is not what you are looking for then try the Weird Stuff section.

The Dad Song The Dad Song

The dad song was done from a not entirely unbiased woman's perspective .

A Targeting A Targeting

Were you paying attention?

Men Perform Better Men Perform Better

Nothing like a pretty woman to provide little motivation.

 Funny Sorority Girls Funny Sorority Girls

I suppose there are a few uses for sorority girls.

Dumb Luck and Game Shows Dumb Luck and Game Shows

As the old saying I'd rather be lucky than good.

Old People Speaking Their Mind Old People Speaking Their Mind

Funny interviews with people who have had a very long life.

The Insufferable Storm The Insufferable Storm

A woman, a few bricks shy of a load, in need of a reality check.

It Can't Be Done It Can't Be Done

All your life you have heard that this can't be done.

Tornado Versus Train Tornado Versus Train

This video shows what happens when a train travels through a tornado.

So You Had a Bad Year So You Had a Bad Year

Economy got you down? This video will pick you up.

Monkeying Around Monkeying Around

This videos starts out innocent enough, but the monkeys soon put on a show.

Monk and the Sexy Ventriloquist Monk and the Sexy Ventriloquist

A pretty girl with a sexy smile - and possibly a few issues.

Copy writers know that humor sells. That's why they go to great lengths to make us laugh. Then there's the Bloopers, with all those hours spent in front of a camera you just know someone's going to screw up.

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