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How to Spot a Potential Killer

Check the box if they have:

Had lots of different jobs

Ever been violent at work

Ever been violent, period

A lack of respect for authority

Trouble taking criticism or suggestions

Imagines everyone is out to 'get them' or doesn't "understand them"

Thinks nothing they do is their "fault"; it's everyone else

Holds grudges

Has no friends and/or trouble keeping or making friends

Gets angry all the time over every day, common things

Bigoted or angry views (racist, towards women or certain "types" of people)

An addiction problem (drugs/alcohol, prescriptions, porn, internet, computer games)

An obsession with neatness, events, another person or self-serving habits

Recently or typically acts negative

Finds fault with everything; criticizes to seem superior

Thinks their inappropriate or hostile behavior or attitude is justified; people "deserve it"

Makes excuses for irrational or unacceptable behavior

Threatens 'pay back' towards people they feel wronged by

Spends more and more time isolating themselves

Threatened acts of sabotage at work or against people

Displayed inappropriate emotions in any situation

Been late to work or appointments a lot

Difficulty concentrating

Blows minor incidences out of proportion

Are suspicious that there's some 'motive' directed towards them behind normal things people do or say

1-4    They're OK- everyone's got a right to get pissed off sometimes

5-10    Oh, not good. This person is insecure as hell and as a result thinks being "angry and vocal" is a form of control, which they feel they don't have. This is their immature way of finding some actual "balls" and hence most of their idea of "mature" follows this warped view of reality they have. Not necessarily dangerous but probably has a hard time getting along with people as they don't get along with themselves.

11-17   Watch out for this one. If they feel they are finally "pushed" or in their imaginary, delusional little world it's finally time for them to "teach everyone a lesson", they're going to snap. A definite candidate for therapy; they show emotional and social problems; both not healthy to be walking around with. They don't grasp that the 'problem' is their own unstable self.

18-25    RUN. This person is most likely suffering from a persecution complex and other psychological problems - they have a very warped head on them. It is a matter of WHEN they snap, not "if". Unless they get help for their narrow egotistical view of reality, it'll just escalate until they lose their grip. Some people who test as being this angry and out of touch with realistic responses are mild/borderline schizophrenic and believe 'their' reality is the only 'right' one; they know better than us all, they know things we're too stupid to understand, they're going to show everyone of us. They usually do, in the morning headlines.