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Angry Ocean
Sinking Ship Sinking Ship

This video was taken on the bridge of the ship after it lost power and began sinking. In the background is heard the Mayday calls, as the ship is being tossed about by huge waves.

Big Ship - Bigger Waves Big Ship - Bigger Waves

The waves are so large peak to trough that the ship must try to angle into the waves to keep from being broken in half. At the same time the captain has to try to avoid being turned sideways by one of these monster waves.

Fun Facts

The system of democracy was introduced 2 500 years ago in Athens, Greece.

Counterculture Comedy
Don't Want to Know the Gender Don't Want to Know the Gender

A feminist has to babysit her grandchild. It's a humorous situation as she goes out of her way not to learn his or her gender as she feels like people are judged by their gender.

Jokes Seth Can't Tell Jokes Seth Can't Tell

Being a straight white male, or so he says, Seth can't make jokes about black people or lesbians without the possibility of offending so he brings on to joke writers who are black and lesbian.

Fun Facts

Janis Joplin left $2,500 in her will for her friends to “have a ball after I’m gone.”

Relaxing Nature
Nudibranchs of Papua New Guinea Nudibranchs of Papua New Guinea

Nudibranchs are ocean dwelling slugs that come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. This video will create some appreciation for their beauty.

Capybara Bath Capybara Bath

Capybaras is enjoying a hot bath in wooden washtubs. At the Nagasaki Bio Park guests are permitted to interact animals.

Humor from the Forum
Artist Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar

Artist Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar at work in his new chateau. The intruder got away, but Picasso told the police he could do a rough sketch of what the burglar looked like.

On the basis of his drawing, the police arrested a mother superior, the minister of finance and a washing machine.

Sketch Comedy
What's for Dinner Kitty What's for Dinner Kitty

I think he might be right. Here Kitty Kitty!

Helpful Barman Helpful Barman

Stephen Fry is the helpful barman cheering up a customer.
Hugh Laurie is plied with snacks and double entendres.

Fun Facts

The biological sign for the female sex, a circle placed on top of a small cross, is also the symbol for the planet Venus. The symbol is believed to be a stylized representation of the Roman goddess Venus’ hand mirror

Comedy Videos
Do I Command You Do I Command You

Humorous comedy skit dealing with family and all its idiosyncrasies

Humor from the Forum

Isn't it great to live in a society where the penalty for lying to a congressman is up to 20 years in jail,

...but the penalty for a congressman lying to you is two more years in office.

Strange Nature
On a Pangolin's Menue On a Pangolin's Menue

With its giant claws, the pangolin is nature's backhoe. Add in a long, sticky tongue it is the scourge of the insect world.

Zombie Snails Zombie Snails

These mind-controlling parasites called Leucochloridium paradoxum command infected snails to do their bidding.

Fun Facts

There are about 100 billion birds in the world, and about 6 billion of them make their homes in the United States

Creative Music Videos
Bottle Cap Blues Bottle Cap Blues

Sitting around with your friends killing a couple of six packs trying to think of ways to open your next drink.

Out in the Woods Out in the Woods

Looking at this reminds me that I need to get out and Party more often

Humor from the Forum
Cats and Dogs

A dog thinks: Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me... They must be Gods!

A cat thinks: Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me... I must be a God!

SNL Comedy
Girl at a Bar - SNL Girl at a Bar - SNL

In this humorous sketch a young woman agrees to meet her friend at a bar for drinks, but gets there a little early and has to deal with a cast of losers.

Drug Company Hearing - SNL Drug Company Hearing - SNL

Ever stop and think that some of names drug companies give medications sound an awful lot like African-American names?

Fun Facts

The science of kissing is called philematology

One theory suggests kissing may have evolved from prospective mates sniffing each others pheromones for biological compatibility.

Improvisational Humor
Scenes from a Hat Hillbilly Versions Scenes from a Hat Hillbilly Versions

In this segment improvisations include scenes from a movie hillbilly style, sportscasters working at home, and divorce Dr. Zeus style.

Scenes from a Hat Aisha Scenes from a Hat Aisha

A humorous clip featuring Songs from the musical Aisha, which is not really a musical but is the name of the woman hosting the show.

Confucius say...

To make a long story short, don't tell it.

A man with sharp tongue cuts own throat.

It’s OK for sh*t to happen, it will decompose.

The greatest of whales helpless in the middle of the desert.

War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left.

Man who thinks only of number one must remember this number is next to nothing.

Confucius say “Those who quote me are fools.”

Stand-up Comedy
I Love the  ish I Love the ish

Stand-up comedy about living in Britain for 11 years and adapting to the British lifestyle. In Japan it either is or it is not; there is no concept of ...-ish..

Ron White in Montréal Ron White in Montréal

One of his more humorous stand-up comedy routines featuring two dogs and a grouchy banker, flying with the morbidly obese, and how we met his first wife. .

Funny Joke from the Forum
If Life Were Like A Computer:

You could add/remove someone in your life using the control panel.

You could put your kids in the recycle bin and restore them when you feel like it!

You could improve your appearance by adjusting the display settings.

You could down the speakers when life gets too noisy.

You could click on “find” (Ctrl, F) to recover your lost car keys.

To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"!

If you mess up your life, you could always press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over!

Will Make you Smile
What We Can Learn from Dogs What We Can Learn from Dogs

Dogs offer a lot in terms of companionship maybe we can learn something from our pets.

Kids On Dating Problems Kids On Dating Problems

Sounding oh so adult, some young ladies contemplate the reasons why the guy is playing hard to get.

Fun Facts

The first on-line transaction ever was Stanford students buying marijuana from MIT students.

Funny Videos
Parking Police Parking Police

What do you do when a couple of cops in speedos give you a parking ticket for being on the beach too long.

Cream for Your Coffee Cream for Your Coffee

A waitress appears to use her personal stash of milk when the coffee creamer's run out.

Humor from the Forum
What’s an Echo?

Son:   ''Dad, What’s an echo?''

Father:   ''An echo, my son, is the only thing that can deprive a woman of the last word.''