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Over the Edge
Do Not Follow Others Do Not Follow Others

Sometimes it's best to blaze your own trail. You never know what mistakes others have made. An interesting video in which a snowboarder learns that lesson the hard way.

Humor from the Forum
An English Lesson - Direct Object

Christopher's class was having an English lesson, and the teacher called on Christopher to recite a sentence with a direct object.

Christopher stood and thought, then said, "Teacher, everybody thinks you are beautiful."

"Why thank you, Christopher," the teacher said, blushing. "But what is the direct object?"

"A good report card next month," he replied.

Stand-up Comedy
Surviving the Ice Age Surviving the Ice Age

Surviving the ice age - a humorous excerpt from the ''Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater'' special

Comedy Bill Burr
Why Do We Keep Getting Married Why Do We Keep Getting Married

Why do we keep getting married when the odds are strangely against success. A young Bill Burr humorously expounds on that thought, and compares it to skydiving..

Stand-up Comedy
Not Pregnant Not Pregnant

Little Esther isn't pregnant. She just wants the attention. And unfortunately there's no morning-after pill for eating a dozen donuts.

Sites Worth Visiting
Physics Simulation Physics Simulation

Enjoyable demonstration of Attraction, Repulsion ,and Friction.

Humor from the Forum
Zero Tolerance for Idiots

Junior high schools have a zero tolerance policy on name calling, so a teacher had a concern when a student complained another student had called him the "E" word.

"E" word? the teacher asked, puzzled as she could not think of single bad name beginning with E.

The student lowered his voice and muttered, "idiot"

Interesting Videos
Kashmir Kashmir

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Jack White of White Stripes, and edge from U2 with a little impromptu guitar playing.

Fun Facts
It has been calculated that the average American child sees about 13,000 deaths on television between the ages of five and 14.

Welcome To Pe’ahi Welcome To Pe’ahi

Welcome to Peahi, she was awakened this past weekend by one of the largest swells to hit jaws in about a decade or so. The wave itself seemed to have weeded the crowd out pretty thin, separating the men from the boys. .

Comedy Sketches – Saturday Night Live
Christmas Miracle - SNL Christmas Miracle - SNL

Ms. Rafferty (Kate McKinnon), Sharon (Cecily Strong) and Doug (Casey Affleck) share their experiences meeting Santa Claus.

Fun Facts

Benjamin Franklin never patented any of his inventions. He reasoned that "we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously."

Stand-up Comedy
Women Just Keep Coming Women Just Keep Coming

A humorous comedy routine about women and relationships. Sometimes comedian Bill Burr worries worries that he's going to be that creepy old guy hanging out at the bar that no one cares about.

Cat  Lag Fever Cat Lag Fever

Cat will copy the tempo of a hand being moved back and forth while she sneaks up on you. Funny, it looks like shes glitching

Humor from the Forum
How is a ...

How is a push-up bra like a bag of chips?

As soon as you open it, you realize it’s half empty.

Improvisational Comedy
Things You Can Say about a Shoe Things You Can Say about a Shoe

Improv comedy sketch called things you can say about a shoe but not about your girlfriend or significant other. A humorous series called scenes from hat in that they pull ideas suggested from the audience for improvisational comedy..

Stand-up Comedy
Persian Girls Persian Girls

Max Amini knows a typical Persian girl when he meets one. And it's not just the nose job that gives it away..

Humorous Quotes

"Dogs have masters. Cats have staff. " - Anonymous

Stand-up Comedy
Too Much Time on My Hands Too Much Time on My Hands

Wth way too much time on his hands has gone through everything Netflix has to offer

Sketch Comedy
A Nice Glass of Beer A Nice Glass of Beer

What could be better on a hot dry day than a nice cool refreshing glass of beer. Two older gentlemen in this humorous sketch visit a pub for a bit of refreshment, but from there it takes a humorously dark twist.

Fun Facts

Elephants only sleep for two hours each day.

British Humor
I Hear You Are Racist Now I Hear You Are Racist Now

Things are going slow and Father Ted, in an effort to lighten things, up performs his best China man impression.

Humorous Videos
Manhole Prank Manhole Prank

You're driving down a side street spot an open manhole and a worker . It's only a prank and the cop is in on it.

Humor from the Forum
Meatloaf Underwear

My wife bought a pair of 'Meatloaf Underwear' yesterday.

On the front it says, "I Will do Anything For Love" ...and on the back it says, "but I Won't do That."

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