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Creative Videos
One Rat Short One Rat Short

A love story that takes place in two worlds: one grimy and dark, the other sterile and white.

Blind Date Blind Date

A short animated story of blind dates, Internet chat, and missed dates.

Humor from the Forum
A Question That Completely Ruined the Moment

One day my wife was out shopping and I was watching our children ages five and two. My son was playing with the dog. My daughter, the two year old, was playing with her Barbie.

She and Barbie were having a little coffee get-together. I thought it was very nice of her to offer me a cup of coffee, and happily accepted even though it was just water.

After several cups and lots of praise for such delicious coffee, my wife came rolling in with the groceries. She watched as my daughter brought in other cup of coffee, started laughing, and asked me how many cups I'd drank.

When I admitted that I was waterlogged from all the coffee, my wife broke into hysterical laughter. Through the tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks she asked me a question that completely ruined that precious moment forever.


Did it ever occur to you', she said, 'that the only place a baby can reach water is the toilet?'

Humor And Commentary
Rod Serling on Censorship Rod Serling on Censorship

In some aspects it appears that what happened in the early days of television is happening to youtube and in general the internet now. Skip to the three-minute mark if you want to go to the meat of the discussion.

Manufactured Consensus Manufactured Consensus

What is the role of media in today's connected world. Some would say to enlighten and inform, but look behind the curtain and you will find a more sinister purpose.

Humorous News

Stand-up Comedy on Malls
American Malls and Fat People American Malls and Fat People

Building coast-to-coast shopping malls that blight the American landscape, which according to comedian George Carlin is not one of our finer accomplishments.

Ghettoest Mall Ever Ghettoest Mall Ever

Comedian DC Benny describes the ghettoest mall ever and the gauntlet of garbage that he has to navigate to get to the one store where he wants to buy something.

Fun Facts

The English word "girl" was initially used to describe a young person of either sex. It was not until the sixteenth century that the term was used specifically to describe a female child.

Angry Ocean
Heading Out In a Storm Heading Out In a Storm

When you are the rescue ship there is no waiting until the storm blows over.

Hunter Becomes Hunted Hunter Becomes Hunted

One minute you're reeling in a huge billfish fighting for it's life,
the next minute you're fighting for your life.

Humor from the Forum
Zero Tolerance for Idiots

Junior high schools have a zero tolerance policy on name calling, so a teacher had a concern when a student complained another student had called him the "E" word.

"E" word? the teacher asked, puzzled as she could not think of single bad name beginning with E.

The student lowered his voice and muttered, "idiot"

Interesting Videos
Kashmir Kashmir

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Jack White of White Stripes, and edge from U2 with a little impromptu guitar playing.

Altered States Altered States

This is what happens inside the brain under the influence of cannabinoids.

Fun Facts

At one point you were the youngest person on Earth.

Over the River Over the River

Part 4-wheel drive, and part submarine this Toyota Landcruiser somehow makes it across a very deep river.

Trolling Seagulls Trolling Seagulls

Having a little fun with a few ravenous seagulls.

Humor from the Forum
This just in:

Scientists have just discovered oil reserves in Antarctica.

After the announcement, the United States condemned the Penguins' brutal regime and called for UN action to stabilise the region.

Sites Worth Visiting
Underwater Oddities Photos Underwater Oddities Photos

More Photography From National Geographic.

Examples of Dew Photography Examples of Dew Photography

Dew drops, a beautiful gift from Mother Nature, sparkle like pearls in the morning light.

Fun Facts

Earth has almost 500 volcanoes worldwide. About 80% of the Earth, that is found below the surface, is made of volcanic soil.

Tom Dick and Harry Tom Dick and Harry

A funeral service is held for Thomas, Richard and Harold, or as they are better known; Tom Dick and Harry. Comedian Rowan Atkinson plays the part of the priest reviewing the lives and shortcomings of Tom Dick and Harry.

Review of Life Review of Life

Comedian says he still believes in God, but hopes there isn't a play-by-play review of the things he's done and in particular the promises that he's made.

Humor from the Forum
A Friend's Passing

Bob and Ed were best friends and had been for fifty plus years. After Ed died, Bob was inconsolable for many weeks. He couldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, he just wanted to sit in misery.

Finally one night, Bob was able to fall into a fitful sleep and Ed came to him in a dream.

"Ed! I've really missed you. Tell me, what's it like on the other side?"

"'s GREAT! I can run like the wind if I want to because my knees don't hurt any more. If I get hungry, there's always food around. If I want to sleep, there's always a comfortable place to lay down under my feet. If I get horny, there are willing females all over the place."

Bob replies "Heaven sounds like a great place!"

"About That" "I'm a Rabbit in Tennessee"

Humor And Commentary
French Elections: Last Week Tonight French Elections: Last Week Tonight

The presidential election in France could determine the political future of Europe. Normally one could be forgiven for thinking that the French election is of no major consequence to the US.

Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight

The recently submitted federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts to many agencies with cuts falling hardest on the areas of science and environmental regulation.

Humor from the Forum

I don't stereotype....

I type with one hand.

Ferry Crash Ferry Crash

Shortly after leaving the docks this very lost power to the control room, which left the engine at speed and no way to steer.

Tennis Match Love Tennis Match Love

An interesting interruption to a tennis match, at first the commentator assumes that it is a rather rude ring tone on someone's phone, when someone is watching the video that they shouldn't be watching a tennis match.

Fun Facts

Q: Why do men’s clothes have buttons on the right while women’s clothes have buttons on the left?

A: When buttons were invented, they were very expensive and worn primarily by the rich. Since most people are right-handed, it is easier to push buttons on the right through holes on the left. Because wealthy women were dressed by maids, dressmakers put the buttons on the maid’s right! And that’s where women’s buttons have remained since.

Worth Watching
Fire Brings down A High-Voltage Tower Fire Brings down A High-Voltage Tower

Camera from a drone records amazing footage of a fire burning at the base of a high-voltage power line pylon. As the flames continued to burn the steel in the tower begins to weaken.

Huge Waves Rock an Oil Platform Huge Waves Rock an Oil Platform

Out in the North Sea the waves can get large. Large enough to rock a massive oil platform that stands 100 foot above the surface of the ocean and weighs almost 15,000 gross tonnes.

Humor from the Forum
Paddy at War

The Irish have sent two warships to the Middle East.

One of them is filled with sand; and the other is filled with cement.

They are obviously planning a mortar attack!!