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Stand-up Comedy
Amy Schumer Stand-Up Amy Schumer Stand-Up

Amy talks about her mom, teen moms, her ugly boyfriend, and more!

Mike Vecchione Stand-Up Mike Vecchione Stand-Up

Mike loves living in New York, even if the rats are fighting back.

Funny Joke from the Forum
yadot rorrim

Yadot rorrim eht fo edis gnorw eht no pu ekow I.

(I woke up on the wrong side of the mirror today.)

Satire and Humor
The Evolution Song The Evolution Song

A little humorous ditty about natural selection and Darwin's theory of evolution.

You Are Doing It Wrong You Are Doing It Wrong

A funny compilation of commercial parts where they show us what we're doing wrong.

Fun Facts

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian

Stand-up Comedy Technology
Raising Kids Now Versus Then Raising Kids Now Versus Then

These days parents know where their kids are unlike the 70s and 80s when kids had the freedom to roam around the neighborhood.

Explaining Modern Technology Explaining Modern Technology

Could you explaine how modern technology works. That's the question in this stand up comedy routine

Humor from the Forum
Difference Between Ravens and Crow

All birds have specialized tail feathers that help with flight. These feathers are called pinions.

If you look closely you can tell that ravens have four of these feathers while crows only have three.

You could say the difference is just a matter of a pinion.

Changing Identities Changing Identities

A humorous prank using a brother and sister that closely resemble each other to change gender while an unsuspecting person holds the door.

Hold This Please Hold This Please

An unsuspecting person is asked to hold the line with a secret quick release connected to a log in this humorous prank.

Fun Facts

One horse has a peak power output of 14.9 horsepower.

Stand-up Comedy Videos
Louis CK on Twitter Louis CK on Twitter

There is a real life to be enjoyed, but everyone is too busy posting their status to Twitter.

Middle Age-It Gets Better Middle Age-It Gets Better

Louis CK on why middle age is better for teenage guys who were not heartthrobs.

Humor from the Forum
Blond and Fish

A blond goes to the vet with her goldfish.

“I think it’s got epilepsy,” she tells the vet.

The vet takes a look and says, “It seems calm enough to me”.

The blond says, “Wait, I haven’t taken it out of the bowl yet”.

Humor and Commentary
Doomsday Video Doomsday Video

CNN produced an actual doomsday video to broadcast when the world is ending and it’s incredibly dull. We've enlisted Martin Sheen to help make humanity’s final moments happier!.

Mental Health Mental Health

John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t..

Fun Facts

The word 'Buddha' is a title, which means 'one who is awake', in the sense of having ‘woken up to reality'.

Different Drummer Music Videos
Pure Gibberish Bottom Percussion

Music and rhythm are everywhere. Percussionist Jorge Perez plays some interesting instruments.

Pure Gibberish Pure Gibberish

The song is meant to sound like English with an American accent, but the lyrics are pure gibberish.

Humor from the Forum
How many mystery writers...

How many mystery writers does it take to screw in a light bulb?


One to screw it almost all the way in and one to give it a surprising twist at the end.

Mr Zed - The Robotic Comic Mr Zed - The Robotic Comic

Comedian David Kirk Traylor portrays a robot pitching jokes in his standup routine.

Madtv - Apple I-rack Madtv - Apple I-rack

Even though this sketch is a bit dated, we still seem to be mired in the Middle East. So much so that everyone will get the humorous references.

Fun Facts

Syria was once a major centre for weaving and grading in textiles. Damascus weavers mastered the ancient technique for weaving patterns into cloth - Damask which has become very famous.

Animal Humor
A Remora for a Dive Buddy A Remora for a Dive Buddy

A Remora fish tries to find a place to latch on, but the diver is none too happy about the Remora's choice and tries to shoo the fish away. Mean while, his dive buddies have a good laugh.

Horse and Wolves Horse and Wolves

A brave horse decides to make friends with six wolves who are blissfully taking in the sun. The wolves seemed confused, and don't know what to make of this horse that seems to want to join their group.

Humor from the Forum
Honest Lawyer

A lawyer named Strange was shopping for a tombstone. After he had made his selection, the stone-cutter asked him what inscription he would like on it.

"Here lies an honest man and a lawyer," responded the lawyer.

"Sorry, but I can't do that," replied the stone-cutter.

"In this state, it's against the law to bury two people in the same grave.

However, I could put 'here lies an honest lawyer'."

"But that won't let people know who it is!" protested the lawyer.

"Sure it will," retorted the stone-cutter. "People will read it and exclaim, 'That's Strange!'"

Sketch Comedy
Police Brutality Police Brutality

A comedy sketch by Mitchell and Webb portraying a police officer and his partner a public relations officer in not getting along so well.

The Evil Store Assistant The Evil Store Assistant

A humorous sketch Mitchell and Webb Look with a less than friendly store assistant mocking customers choice of clothing.

Fun Facts

Taurine, the main ingredient in Red Bull, is an extract of the stomach lining of cows

Stand-up Comedy
Tom Papa - Women Are Scary Tom Papa - Women Are Scary

This stand up performance of Tom Papa took place at the Just for Laughs Festival and humerously details the psychological damage that women can do to a man.

Ron White Stand Up Ron White Stand Up

Ron White, founding member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, brings his Texas charm to Montréal. Ron's comedy repertoire covers plane flight that loses engine pressure, diamonds that'll shut her up, and Rev. Tilton.

Humor from the Forum
Understanding the mess in the Middle East

Attention Jihadists and Mujaheddin in Syria. Today, all fighters East of Aleppo will wear their blue jackets and be the Citizens Against Assad Militia.

South of Quam fighters who wore blue yesterday, have been defeated, and you will wear the black jackets you wore Saturday.

We still need representatives for the Peace Talks so keep your green jackets handy if you plan to attend.

All Mujaheddin wearing white are now North of Raqqa, unless you wore green last week, then you should be wearing brown today.

Brown is for the Martyr's Alliance. The MA is no longer affiliated with any ISIS groups except the Alliance for Martyrdom.

Remember, this Friday, ISIS fighters stand down and wait for al Nusra to switch jackets to become the People's Brigade for Democracy

After that, we have the bridge hand-over in Damascus, and a truce between the people who just lost Aleppo and the people who just won it....but it might be the other way around.

If anyone asks any questions... just say the war is "complicated".

And for goodness sakes watch out for Putin and Eroden. They are just killing everybody.

Faster Than Light Faster Than Light

A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible. .

Curiosity at Martian Scenic Overlook Curiosity at Martian Scenic Overlook

Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada gives a descriptive tour of the Mars rover's view in Gale Crater. The white-balanced scene looks back over the journey so far. The view from "Vera Rubin Ridge" looks back over buttes, dunes and other features along the route.

Fun Facts

During Prohibition, temperance activists hired a scholar to rewrite the Bible by removing all references to alcohol beverage.

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