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Funny Pranks
Screaming Head Prank Screaming Head Prank

Girl drops a dummy head on the sidewalk and it's switched for a real head

A Little Help Please A Little Help Please

When beach goers help this young lady out of the sand they get a hilarious surprise.

Fun Facts

A Psychological Phenomenon called "The Backfire Effect" Causes a Person to Become More Convinced They Are Right When You Use Facts and Figures to Convince Them They Are Wrong

Animal Magic
Balancing Goats Balancing Goats

Originally set out as a shelter, these goats decide to use this piece of tin to practice their balancing skills.

Cat Alarm Cat Alarm

Kitty wants to play and Kitty has found an interesting
and annoying way to wake up her caregiver.

Humor from the Forum
A Few Phunnies

I'm really enjoying my lasso classes, even though I got roped into it.

What do you call a ghost's mother and father? Transparents!

Why don't people live in toadstools? Cause there isn't mushroom.

What's a metaphor? For cows to graze on.

What did one ocean say to the other ocean?...Nothing they just waved

If you want to know how many bees Noah had… check the Ark Hives

Music worth a Listen
The Hook The Hook

Years ago Blues Traveler did a song called ''The Hook''. For some reason, it seems more relevant today.

Rock and Roll Nerd Rock and Roll Nerd

Musical satire, from musician and comedian Tim Minchin

Fun Facts

Marijuana was first severely restricted as a recreational and medicinal drug in the U.S. by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. The law did not prohibit marijuana use but imposed such a heavy tax that legal sale and use became nearly impossible.

In October of 1937, Samuel Caldwell was the first U.S. citizen arrested under the Marijuana Tax Act for selling marijuana without paying the newly mandated tax. He was fined $1,000 and sentenced to four years of hard labor in Leavenworth.

Standup Comedy
Putting It on the Line Putting It on the Line

A humorous comedy routine expresses her opinion of why there are more male comedians than female comedians, and also what it's like trying to get back into the dating scene as an older woman.

Nobody Likes Hillary Nobody Likes Hillary

Even this comedian who voted for Hillary Clinton agrees that she's not a very likable person and in that respect she feels sorry for her.

Humor from the Forum
An Organization Is Like a Tree Full of Monkeys

An organization is like a tree full of monkeys.

Some are climbing up. Some are climbing down.

The monkeys on the top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.

The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but a bunch of a**holes.

TV humor - Best of
Al's Best Insults Al's Best Insults

Remembering a sitcom called Married... With Children with a few of Al Bundy's best insults

World Is Turning  Intro World Is Turning Intro

One of the more creative intros from the Drew Carey comedy show

Fun Facts

The early Church declared that alcohol was an inherently good gift of God to be used and enjoyed. While individuals might choose not to drink, to despise alcohol was heresy.

Valentine's Videos
The Perfect Valentines Gift Perfect Valentines Gift

Helping you choose the perfect valentine's gift for your lover.

Single Girls Guide Single Girls Guide

A single woman's guide to getting through Valentine's Day.

Funny Joke from the Forum
What's the difference

What's the difference between the government and the mafia?

The Mafia is organized

Laughable News Stories
Hand Washing Fail Hand Washing Fail

The only thing worse than screwing up really badly, is screwing up really badly in front of a camera.

Amazing Silicone Discovery Amazing Silicone Discovery

Sharp eyed viewers might recognize this new rubbery plant discovery as a silicone toy marketed to adult males. Apparently the Chinese are somewhat humorously naïve when it comes to this type of toy.

Fun Facts

Currently less than 7% of the people surveyed think Congress is doing a good job. This is by far the lowest approval rate since they started taking surveys.

Funny Animals
Like Ducks to Water Like Ducks to Water

For the first time in their lives two dozen recently rescued ducks get their first taste of life in a pond.

Kitty to Battle Stations Kitty to Battle Stations

Incoming; all felines to battle stations - engage at the mail slot.

Humor from the Forum
Helpful Daughter

Little Susie, a six year old , complained:"Mother, I've got a stomach ache."

"That's because our stomach is empty", the mother replied. "You would feel better if you had something in it."

That afternoon her daddy came complaining that he had a severe headache all day.

Susie perked up: " That's because it's empty", she said. "You'd feel better if you had something in it."

The Way We Are Parody
MacDougals MacDougals

Humorous parody of our overly sensitive world where a club gets into trouble for offering half-price averages to various ethnic groups.

Nerf Nukes Nerf Nukes

Humorous parody of the real world nuclear arms race using Nerf weapons. Panic ensues when one of the kids on the block gets a nuclear Nerf weapon.

Fun Facts

Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas!

Artisanal Firewood Artisanal Firewood

Having grown up around woodstoves and firewood this ''artist'' feels like the ability to select only the best firewood is in his blood and so he founded The Smoke and Flame firewood company.

A lot Wrong With the World A lot Wrong With the World

Can we agree that there is a lot wrong with the world - but let's not get into the specifics, because if we did, most likely we would disagree.

Funny Joke from the Forum
...Like Fine Wine

....Women are like fine wine. They all start out fresh, fruity, and intoxicating to the mind, and then turn full-bodied with age until they go all sour and vinegary and give you a headache. - Male Author Unknown

....Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you'd want to have dinner with. - Female Author Unknown

Standup Comedy
Taste in Men Taste in Men

Comedian says she's been noticing that there are some pretty hot homeless men in LA - either that or they're hipsters.

Yoga Class Yoga Class

Comedian Joanna gave up bartending to be a yoga instructor because she couldn't stand to be around alcoholics

Fun Facts

The microscopic parasite Toxoplasma gondii has an interesting effect when it infects rats and mice - it makes them become unafraid of cats. This is pretty helpful to the Toxoplasma, which can only sexually reproduce if its host is eaten by a cat.