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Offbeat Comedy
Bill Nye at the Museum of Sex Bill Nye at the Museum of Sex

Bill Nye's at the Museum of Sex in New York to explain the evolutionary purpose behind the drive for sex. A humorous yet accurate explanation of the reason for procreation.

To Sell a Bra To Sell a Bra

This bra manufacturer makes a dramatic and humorous point about what they can do for you if you have small breasts.

Humor from the Forum
Blond on Board
A guy was driving down the highway with his blond girlfriend when she said to him, 'I think those people in the car next to us are from another country.

'Why is that?' he said.

'Well, the kids are writing on the window and it says, ...'stit ruoy su wohs'.

Stand-up Comedy
Finnish Lifestyle Humor Finnish Lifestyle Humor

Comedian from Finland takes a look at the Finnish lifestyle and realizes that they're not very good at small talk and attempts at honesty often backfire.

Dating in Norway Dating in Norway

In most countries when you meet someone you say hi, got out on a few dates, and eventually get horizontal together.

Fun Facts

Infant blue whales grow by about 90kg (198 pounds) a day.

Stand-up Comedy
Lycett at the Apollo Lycett at the Apollo

Some comedians had the ability to tell you about everyday events and have you rolling with laughter. This is one of those comedians. Listen as he takes to the stage at the Apollo and tells us about his trip to the mall.

Ava Vidal Ava Vidal

From best of the best comedy stand-up special.

Humor from the Forum
Red Haired Schoolteacher

The tourist had lost his way on a back road and stopped at the farmhouse to ask if he could be put up for the night. 'Well, we're a mite crowded, since there's already someone in the spare room,' replied the farmer.

'But I guess you can stay if you don't mind sharing the bed with a red haired schoolteacher.'

'Look,' said the tourist, 'I want you to know I'm a gentleman.'

'Well,' mused the farmer, 'as far as I can tell, so is the red haired schoolteacher.'

Meeting The In-laws Meeting The In-laws

A man tries to impress his girlfriend's parents and commits a bit of a faux pas.

Clingy Girlfriend Clingy Girlfriend

Ever been in a relationship where your partner wants to know everything you're doing.

Fun Facts

The words hurricane, cyclone and typhoon are all names for the same type of storm. The name tells you where the storm occurred. Hurricanes are defined as storms over the North Atlantic or the Caribbean. In the western Pacific Ocean, hurricanes are known as typhoons. Cyclones are hurricanes over the Indian Ocean.

Musical Humor
Don't Look Good Any-more Don't Look Good Any-more

A humorous song about ageing and the sad realization that our bodies don't look so good any more, especially without clothes.

Thunderstruck Bluegrass Version Thunderstruck Bluegrass Version

A unique cover of a classic rock 'n roll tune, Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Humor from the Forum
Trying to Pack for Vacation

A mother was trying to pack for vacation while her 3-year-old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed.

At one point, she said, "Mom, look at this," and stuck out two of her fingers.

Trying to keep her entertained, the mother reached out and stuck the daughter's fingers in her mouth and said, "Mommy is gonna eat your fingers!".

When she returned, the daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face.

The mother said, "What's wrong honey?"

She looked at her mother and said, "Mommy, where's my booger?"

Stand-up Comedy
Arguing with Black Girls Arguing with Black Girls

According to this comedian, White girls give up too easily, Mexican girls start speaking Spanish, but Black women see an argument as an opportunity to kick some butt.

Catholics vs Protestants Catholics vs Protestants

Catholicism is a sticky religion and even if you are a nonbeliever, if you were raised a Catholic you're still a Catholic. But even funnier, according to this comedian, is the ongoing battle for piety between Catholics and Protestants.

Random Thoughts

1 Life is sexually transmitted.

2 The difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

3 Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

Musical Humor
If You Really Loved Me If You Really Loved Me

How do you know when some one loves you.

A Humorous Song for Atheists A Humorous Song for Atheists

Most of the religions of the world have lots of beautiful music. But atheists have no songs.

Humor from the Forum
Is Google male or female?

Is Google male or female?

Female, because it knows everything, and secretly tracks your activity.

Comedy Sketches
Recognize Anyone Recognize Anyone

There are those who handle their alcohol responsibly, and then there are these people.

Two Ronnies: Four Candles Two Ronnies: Four Candles

It's hard enough to understand the British.. This humorous comedy skit shows that sometimes they don't even they don't understand themselves.

Fun Facts

There is no such thing as a "male brain" or a "female brain," all have an unpredictable mishmash of male-like and female-like features.

Stand up Comedy
We Need a Plague We Need a Plague

A comedy monologue about some strange people and Bill Burr's proposed solution.

Terror Lite Terror Lite

Steve Hughes makes a few humorous observations about the war on terror.

Funny News

SNL Humor
Weekend Update: Crime and Apples Anniversary Weekend Update: Crime and Apples Anniversary

On the occasion of the iPhone's 10th anniversary we'd like to thank Apple for helping us ignore our families.

Trump's First Press Conference Trump's First Press Conference

It was an unusual week in political news that turned into golden opportunity for comedians, and left the rest of us having to explain the meaning of golden shower to people not familiar with the term.

Humor from the Forum
''I won a math debate''
Try saying ''I won a math debate'' real fast - 5 times.

Was anyone listening? Did you break into laughter?

Animal Mania Videos
Wake Riding Orcas Wake Riding Orcas

Orcas playing in the wake of a tour boatmuch to the delight of the passengers.

Swimming With Sharks Swimming With Sharks

Catching a ride on the back of a great white shark is not for the faint of heart.

Fun Facts

French kissing involves all 34 muscles in the face. A pucker kiss involves only two

The science of kissing is called philematology

The insulting slang “kiss my ass” dates back at least to 1705